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A points campaign for Fareplay, a decentralized crypto casino.

Fareplay is a decentralized casino where users wager with FARE tokens. When users win, their FARE winnings are minted. When users lose, their FARE wager is burned. All games have an edge (more losing than winning). This means more burning than minting, so the FARE token is deflationary.


Before the FARE token is launched, Fareplay will host a USDC-based casino where users can wager with USDC rather than FARE.

Users who play on or refer others to the USDC casino will earn FARE Points.

Register here: https://forms.gle/nEnrh31Gf2jy2pRP9


The FARE Deathmatch works on a KDA [Kills/Deaths/Assists] Points system.

20 USDC Won = 1 FARE Point [Kill] ⚔️

  • If you win 20 USDC on Fareplay, you earn 1 FARE Point.

10 USDC Lost = 1 FARE Point [Death] ☠️

  • If you lose 10 USDC on Fareplay, you earn 1 FARE Point.

3 Referred Points = 1 FARE Point [Assist] 👋

  • If a user you refer earns 3 FARE points, you earn 1 FARE Point.

Your Kills, Deaths and Assists are represented together as your “KDA.”

For example, if you’ve won 1,000 USDC, lost 1,000 USDC, and referred 30 earned points, your KDA would be 50/100/30.


On the surface, it may seem like Deathmatch rewards users who have the most USDC to gamble with. But this isn’t the case.

Let’s illustrate this with an example where there are two actors: the lazy whale and the pre-rich grinder.


The lazy whale has 10,000 USDC he is willing to wager to earn FARE Points.

He simply wagers 10,000 USDC all at once on a coin flip and loses. In just a few seconds, he has earned 1,000 Death Points. He might also win his wager, which means he will have doubled his USDC and earned a *free* 500 Kill Points.


The pre-rich grinder has 100 USDC he is willing to wager to earn FARE Points.

Rather than wagering it all in one bet, he chooses to bet 1 USDC at a time. Over the course of an hour, he loses 1,000 USDC and wins 980 USDC. This means he used his 100 USDC to achieve 1,980 USDC in wager volume. For this, he has earned 100 Death Points and 49 Kill Points, totaling to 149 FARE Points. The result is that the poor grinder has earned 149 FARE Points and only lost 20 USDC in the process!

By stretching his effective bet volume, the pre-rich grinder could theoretically earn as many points as the lazy whale. And through a combination of patience and luck, the pre-rich grinder might be able to earn those points without losing any USDC. And if he is really lucky, he may have even won more USDC than he lost in the process.


The FARE Points Deathmatch strikes a balance between “pay-to-earn” and “work-to-earn” mechanisms. And what keeps Deathmatch exciting is the underlying “luck-to-earn” factor, where an unlucky user might have had to lose USDC to earn their points and a lucky user might have won USDC and earned their points for free.

We’ve made losses weigh twice as much as wins because you are slightly more likely to lose than win (this is how casinos work). That being said, it might be the case that losing 1,000 USDC to earn 100 Points turns out better than winning 1,000 USDC to earn 50 points.


Users can earn Assist Points for referring other users to Fareplay through their ref link.

3 Points earned by referees = 1 Point for referrer

This means that a referrer doesn’t just earn points when their referees gamble, but also when their referees refer their friends! Here’s an example of how this works:

Bob does not gamble. Bob refers Alice. Bob’s KDA: 0/0/0

Alice does not gamble. Alice refers Chad. Alice’s KDA: 0/0/0

Chad does not gamble. Chad refers no one. Chad’s KDA: 0/0/0

Now, let’s say Chad gambles. He wins 100 USDC and loses 40 USDC.

100 USDC won = 5 Points [20 USDC won = 1 Kill Point]

40 USDC lost = 4 Points [10 USDC lost = 1 Death Point]

Chad’s KDA = 5/4/0 [9 Total FARE Points]

This means, now:

Alice’s KDA = 0/0/3

…because Alice gets 1 Assist Point for every 3 Points earned through her referrals. Chad has 9 Points, so Alice has 3 Points.

Bob’s KDA = 0/0/1

…because Bob gets 1 Assist Point for every 3 Points earned through his referrals. Alice has 3 Points, so Bob has 1 Point.

Although Bob did not directly refer Chad, he still earns Points for Chad’s activity through the Points earned by Alice — which were earned by Alice for referring Chad, who actually gambled. It is important to note that Bob is able to earn Assist Points through an indirect referral, but at a decayed rate compared to those closer to the gambler in the referral line (in this case, Alice).


  • Top 100 users with highest Death Points get a 4x Points Multiplier.
  • Top 100 users with highest Kill Points get a 3x Points Multiplier.
  • Top 100 users with highest Assist Points get a 2x Points Multiplier.


Are you a rich gambler and feeling lucky? Place a big bet on Fareplay. You’ll win USDC *and* earn FARE Points for it.

Are you a rich gambler and feeling unlucky? Place a big bet on Fareplay. you’ll lose USDC *but* earn 2x the FARE Points for it.

Are you poor and just want to grind a points campaign? Then bring whatever USDC you’ve got, make as many small bets as you can, and hope you break even in the end. If you do, you’ll go home with the same USDC you came with *AND* some free FARE points. And if you’re really lucky, you might even win more USDC than you came in with!

Good luck, degens.


P.S. all of this is subject to change and will probably launch in a few weeks.